New mail service (

The new employee mail server is available at

To access mail use your Central Authentication System credentials - the same that you use to log in to USOSweb or a university computer.

⚠️ New mail server status

If you are currently accessing your e-mails on the old mail server ( and have never so far been informed if your account has been moved to new server, do not use the new server!

The new server will allow you to log in, but it will not allow you to check your newest messages or to send any new mail!

Please wait for your account to be moved. In some moment in future:

  • we will send you an e-mail with a planned date of the migration - about a week before the actuall move happens,
  • we will send you an SMS upon successful account transfer - right after it gets done.

Here you can find additional informations and instructions on the new UKSW mail service:

Old mail service (

The old mail server (accounts created up to 2019) is available at

⚠️ Accounts on the old server are created manually. You need to personally visit IT Systems Center in order to create the account.

Authentication on the old server requires a special account that is independent from the Central Authentication System credentials::

LoginYour complete primary mail address, most likely in form of or
(if you have multiple mail addresses, you must use your primary address to log in).
HasłoPassword independent from the UKSW id credentials. You can receive it or reset it only when personally visiting IT Systems Center and presenting a personal ID document with a photo.

⚠️ It's very likely that your UKSW id login looks identically as your e-mail address. Remember, that old server always uses an independent password!

The old mail server accounts are currently being gradually moved to the new server. Read more about the migration process!