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The following parties can apply for websites in the domain:

  • departments of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw;
  • administrative units;

  • student organizations operating at UKSW;

  • in exceptional cases pages are created "occasional"


Rules that apply when creating and using websites:

  1. Each unit that wants to set up a website or update the persons authorized to edit an existing website must complete and submit to CSI a signed application #14 - Wniosek o założenie strony w domenie UKSW:
    • On this application, as the responsible person, enter the person who exercises authority over the unit - Dean, Director, Head - this person must be an employee of UKSW. The site guardian is called "resource owner" who appoints or dismisses the editor-in-chief of the website and ancillary editors, and in the case of pages for student organizations takes responsibility for page editors.
    • The editor-in-chief is a person who deals with updating the content of the page and closely cooperates with CSI in its construction and subsequent development.
    • CSI employees don't enter content on the websites of individuals. Entering and editing content, menu structure and modification as well as other basic activities are within the Editor's scope. CSI deals with website hosting, its preparation, training of editors, and possible subsequent support of editors in tasks unavailable to them.

  2. After submitting the application, the CSI employee sends a set of questions to the editor, which facilitates the site guardians the process of preparing materials for the site and defining the requirements for the site (apperance, what should be on it, what can and shouldn't be used). After sending all the answers to the questions asked, we proceed to build the site.

  3. A queue applies when building websites. The waiting time for creating a website depends on the length of the queue. It's important for the person taking care of the website to use the waiting time for the complete preparation of materials because of the remote location in the queue, sometimes so-called downtime windows, i.e. we have several pages queued to be made, but we don't have a set of materials for any, in such situations we take for execution the first page from the queue to which we have materials or lose contact with the guardian fall at the end of the queue. Reports that remain unanswered or if the contact with the applicant will be ineffective will be closed.
  4. We allow the guardian to make the page himself at his request. Such website must comply with the pronciples of uniform visual identification of UKSW websites according to CSI guidelines. In addition, such a site, as not made by CSI, for obvious reasons lacks CSI technical support (except for hosting support).
    • Drupal or Wordpress is the CMS system recommended by CSI for creating websites
  5. After preparing the website (not applicable to item 4), it is possible to undergo practical training on how to use and place content for the website's maintainer and editors. Willingness to participate in such training should be reported through the application form. The last pages are added by the guardian himself under the watchful eye of a CSI employee. You can train yourself based on a series of training videos that are available at this stage.

Implementation of websites outside the University

It's possible to create a website outside UKSW as part of orders processed by the Public Procurement Department.

In addition to the application, an application must be submitted to DZP #22 - Wymagania dla serwisów internetowych tworzonych poza UKSW.