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Basic information

Central Print Service enables better print management by integrating multifunction devices. By increasing their availability and security, not only employees, but also students, doctoral students and postgraduate students have control over printouts / copying / scanning / sending documents via e-mail using devices available in the corridors in the university buildings.


How to use the Central Print System?

To use devices it's necessary to have:

EmployeesCard issued by CSI after submitting the relevant application.
Students and Doctoral StudentsElectronic Student ID (ELS) or Electronic Doctoral ID (ELD) issued by UKSW.
Postgraduate Students

Students card issued by UKSW.


To use the printing option, you must have funds on your individual clearing account in the CW system:

  • An employee who wants to be able to print but was not included in the statement of his unit must submit #21 - Wniosek o wyznaczenie puli środków finansowych do wykorzystania w ramach centralnego wydruku. The same procedure applies to employees who want to print from the project funds. After completing the application, remember to accept (sign) it by the head of the project supervision unit. The funds remain on the employee's account until they are used.

  • Students, doctoral students, postgraduate students recharge their accounts and the pool of funds for printing using the CW system administration panel using the electronic payment system. One-time funded accounts are included in the figures from a minimum of PLN 1 (one zloty) to a set of PLN 100 (one hundred zlotys). Cash paid into the CW account should be fully used during the studies.

  • Employees who want to use their own funds for printing must report this fact to CSI in order to pin the appropriate MPK billing code.

  • An employee who has lost / destroyed the card may apply for another card (duplicate). It should be remembered that each time a duplicate is issued, the employee will be charged with the amount of PLN 10.

⚠️ Persons who have more than one source of financing, please remember to choose the right MPK before each operation. No indication or wrong selection of the appropriate code is associated with the assignment of costs to the faculty or default unit assigned from the employment contract.

How do you top up your account in the CW system?

  1. Log in to the site login details such as: do USOSweb, login access is only possible from the UKSW network, including via WiFi.

  2. From the dashboard select the option deposit money, in the new window enter the amount you want to top up your account and go to the payment gate.

  3. After accepting the Micropayment Regulations, select the appropriate form of payment and deposit the money.


  4. When the funds have been credited to the system, you can check your account balance in the My funds field on the dashboard.

How to print documents?

Mobile printing of the document can be done in the following ways:

  • from a private device by sending a document as an attachment to a dedicated email address:;

  • from a computer logged in to the UKSW domain by selecting the appropriate printer from those defined in the print panel;

  • from a USB connected to the device.

Due to the need to provide user identification, the mobile print function only works by sending files from the email addresses entered in the system.

A printout, photocopy or scan of a document can be picked up on any multifunction device after authorization with your access card.

The documents scanned in the multifunction device are sent from the device to the e-mail address provided by the user or to an external USB memory connected to the device.

⚠️ In connection with erroneous printouts of documents generated from the USOSweb (e.g. syllabuses) sent via e-mail to the Central Print system, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Generate a document in USOSweb.

  2. Save it to the computer disk.

  3. Open the document, select print and indicate the printer of PDF files, e.g.: Print to PDF, Microsoft Print to PDF, PDFCreator, PrimoPDF, CutePDF etc. (if you do not have any of the printers listed, please install the appropriate software e.g.;

  4. After choosing the printer, we save the document in PDF format.

  5. The document prepared in this form is sent by e-mail to the Central Print system.

In the event of irregularities in the handling of transactions, on the settlement account and technical problems with printing, all notifications should be directed to the Information Systems Center by report.


Regulations of the Central Printing System