In this tab you can find the necessary information about remote work and the tools provided, resources that can be used in it.

To learn more about the proposed tools, select one of the options from the right menu available on the website, or use the options presented below.

    We encourage you to use the Pulpit UKSW platform, where you can use selected services (depending on the user rights):

    and via the remote desktop service:

    • USOS,
    • USOS WBK,
    • units' network resources.

    Remote work with the use of Office 365

    Office 365 can be successfully used for remote work. Office 365only works with the Internet.

    To use the services, go to the Office 365 website and log in with your ID and password.

    After logging in, we can download the package to our computer or work online. In order to view the available services, select the All apps option.


    A list of applications available to us has appeared. When you hover over the icon of any of them, a short description of the functionality of the device will appear.


    With OneDrive you can store all your files in a safe place in the cloud. After logging in, you can access your files from any device.

    You can share files with other people in your organization and even collaborate on a document at the same time.

    Thanks to automatic file saving, your documents are protected. It is also up to you who can use the file you share and when.