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CSI may make small purchases as part of its applications, including on:

  • repair and maintenance of computer equipment, tablets, telephones, projectors, multimedia boards, screens, RTV equipment, etc.
  • purchase of computer mice, keyboards, pendrives, network and graphic cards, figital cameras, microphones, etc.


Before ordering / requiring in CSI, you must:

  • confirm the availability of funds for purchase in the Budgeting and Controlling Departament (KDBK);
  • obtain the consent of the Chancellor for the purchase.


When submitting a DZP application for the purchase of hardware and software, please contact our departament and obtain the signature of a technical person or CSI manager. On the application, we enter the data of the person for whom the equipment or software is purchased.  


The following documents should be attached to the application:

  • description of the subject of the order - for computer equipment is placed on the Forum UKSW in the post Rekomendacje CSI na zakup sprzętu i oprogramowania (available after logging in);
  • estimation of purchase from a minimum of 2 sources (e.g. various websites, various equipment models).

Implementation of websites outside the University

It's possible to create a website outside UKSW as part of orders processed by the Public Procurement Department.

In addition to the application, an application must be submitted to DZP #22 - Wymagania dla serwisów internetowych tworzonych poza UKSW.


Computer equipment demand form

In order to purchase computer equipment, please complete and submit the following form correctly: